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Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Sculptra is an injectable that helps to stimulate your body's own collagen synthesis. It is FDA approved and helps to gradually replace the collagen you have lost over the years. Sculptra can be safely injected to temples, cheeks, and much more to give the face a natural yet noticeable volumization and lift. Results of Sculptra can often last more than two years.  

In addition to facial volumization, Dr Song also uses Sculptra in conjunction with subscision (with cannula) to improve the look of acne scarring ("sculpt-scision"). Subscision helps to break down the scar tissue that can lead to tethered down scars. Sculptra helps to synthesize collagen and replace the broken down scar tissue. The result is dramatic improvement in acne scarring. 

Sandra before front.jpg
Sandra after front2.jpg

Results may vary

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