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The Battle Against Hair Loss

Millions of Americans deal with hair loss, and for many people, this is at the cost of their emotional wellbeing and confidence. I have had patients come to me and cry because their hair loss is so distressful. But on the other side of it- I have also encountered patients who are just thrilled when they see their hair loss improving. But keep in mind- every case is unique.

Did you know that the hair loss industry is worth almost $4 billion dollars in the United States alone? Unfortunately, most of this money is from consumers who purchase over-the-counter pills and treatments through sellers who often overpromise but under-deliver. And frankly, this is not surprising to me.

Why? Because as a board-certified dermatologist specializing in hair loss, I know that alopecia (fancy word for hair loss) is a difficult medical condition to treat. Alopecia is a complex entity, with various causes and treatment options. And there is never an overnight cure. Sometimes- successful treatment means improvement or even maintenance, and not necessarily complete reversal. At other times, successful treatment might mean halting down the progress of hair loss.

Please take my word for it when I tell you- run from any vendor that promises a full set of hair if you use their special serum or pills. It is tempting, I know, but their statements are not actually backed by scientific studies or FDA approval. Because, as you might already know, over the counter medications don’t actually need FDA approval to be sold in stores. This is why there is always in fine print- these statements are not back by FDA.

My approach to hair loss is completely different. Instead of trying to sell you a pill or a serum- my first goal is to use my knowledge and skills as a physician to evaluate what is CAUSING the hair loss. This involves a thorough history taking and scalp examination (often including the use of a dermatoscope or a scalp biopsy).

Only after knowing what is causing the hair loss can we then discuss a treatment plan. And the treatment plan will vary from individual to individual. It might mean taking oral supplements that you are deficient in (such as vitamin D or iron). You might be prescribed a prescription strength minoxidil or other medications such as finasteride or dutasteride. In short- your hairloss plan is tailored to fit you!

So if you are like millions of Americans frustrated with your hair loss- please don’t wait any longer. It is time you seek the help of a professional such as a board-certified dermatologist. Keep in mind that when it comes to hair loss, the sooner you take action, the better.

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